About Us

Since 1998, people living in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area have been benefiting from the services of Commercial Container Corp. When we first started we had one truck which has gradually expanded to more than 15 trucks! We have come a long way since we first started. As our business has grown our focus on accommodating customers and providing the solution you need has not.


Our services are very diverse, from dumpster rental to recycling and snow and leaf removal, and this is what entices people to work with us. Whether you are part of a single-family home and are in the process of a home cleanout or a large industrial facility in need of a roll-off container to remove bricks, concrete or other forms of debris, we can assist you. The affordability of our services combined with swift delivery and pick-up makes us stand out from other dumpster rental companies in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Contact us today to schedule one of our many services.


When you sign up for our services you can expect to gain reinforcements for snow removal, recycling, demolition, roll-off containers, excavation and commercial disposal. Selecting the right sized container can be a challenge. That's why Commercial Container Corp. boasts an abundance of containers in different sizes: ranging from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. You will be free of debris in no time when you utilize our open top containers to banish bulk trash from your premises.